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MARCH 22, 2022 · Written by Tutu


There is a popular saying that not all heroes wear capes. In the healing or stability of patients’ health, a devoted and dedicated health care worker is probably the most important factor. When the doctor or physicians make their diagnosis, the nurses, health assistants, and other healthcare workers are the ones that are available to monitor closely how the patients are recovering, the treatments and medicines are given, the patients’ responses to the medicines, the dietary limitations and therapy routines. The healthcare worker is able to make the patients as comfortable as possible.

Who is a Healthcare Worker?


A healthcare worker is a person, apart from a healthcare professional working in a healthcare setting or social care setting, who provides medical or other health-related care services under the direction and supervision of a healthcare professional. These include medical assistants, medical technicians, orderlies, dental assistants, aides, and other individuals working in the same capacity.

The settings where healthcare workers can be found include the following: general hospitals, disability homes, older persons and nursing homes, mental health centers, primary care systems, community hospitals, palliative care, rehabilitation homes, social inclusion systems, and community services.



What Are The Duties of a Healthcare Worker?

In the 1970s,


Roper, Logan, and Tierney’s 12 Activities of Daily Living was established to guide the daily life of patients. The ADLs are the listing of activities which form a standard daily life pattern. They include:

They include:


  • Breathing
  • Dying
  • Playing and working
  • Eliminating bodily waste
  • Keeping a safe environment
  • Personal hygiene and dressing
  • Mobilizing
  • Maintaining body temperature to a comfortable level
  • Expressing sexuality
  • Communication
  • Eating and drinking
  • Sleeping


One of the duties of a healthcare worker in any setting is to assist patients in any area needed to live comfortably. In best cases, the healthcare worker makes sure the patients are able to do for themselves as much as they can while taking note of their improvements

Healthcare workers create an ongoing relationship with their patients, so they are the first to notice any discomfort, irritation, difficulty eliminating bodily waste, breathing difficulty, or lack of appetite. They take reports of the slightest unusual behavior, changes, or difficulty, which can be critical or a pointer in the overall health quality of the patients.

Medical error remains one of the leading causes of patients’ injuries and deaths. These errors can be a slight mistake in the dietary plan of a patient managing his blood pressure which can lead to elevated blood pressure and may lead to death if not noted on time. Healthcare providers are quick to notice and rectify these medical errors. Catching these errors on time might save the lives of patients.

The position of healthcare worker should not be downplayed to “just any job” as they are very vital to the health of patients. So, this position should not be occupied by those looking for work to pay the bills or those who will not be dedicated to giving quality care to patients.


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